Review: Keep Calm

In Keep Calm, former Michigan detective Adam Tatum is given an opportunity to join a high-profile business meeting at 10 Downing Street. When a bomb detonates and injures the British Prime Minister shortly after Adam’s visit, he is quickly named suspect number one. With his family in tow, Adam goes on… Continue Reading Review: Keep Calm

Rereading: Child 44

I first read Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith in first year university for a utopian fiction class. While there is a lot in the book about communism and Russia, I feel like we read it more because it’s a good, exciting book, than to analyze the utopian/dystopian aspects of the… Continue Reading Rereading: Child 44

Review: A Line of Blood

When Alex Mercer follows his son into the house next door in search of their cat, he discovers the neighbor’s dead body in the bathtub and his life is suddenly and irrevocably changed. He and his family – the little tribe he has always been so comfortable with and proud… Continue Reading Review: A Line of Blood

Review: In a Dark Dark Wood

After ten years, Lenora is unexpectedly invited to an old friends’ bachelorette party at a cabin in the woods. She begrudgingly agrees to attend, but when she wakes up in the hospital it’s clear that something went terribly wrong. She must piece together her memories to figure out what happened, who… Continue Reading Review: In a Dark Dark Wood