Review: Everland

Everland presents a dark twist on J.M. Barrie’s tale of lost boys, pirates, and fairies. London is in ruins as a result of German invasion and a deadly disease has left only children alive. The teenage Gwen Darling struggles to keep her younger siblings Joanna and Mikey alive. When Joanna is… Continue Reading Review: Everland

Review: Fuzzy Mud

Tamaya Dhilwaddi and Marshall Walsh walk to and from school everyday. But when bully Chad Hilligas challenges Marshall to a fight, Marshall leads Tamaya into the woods to avoid it. They get lost and when Chad shows up all three find trouble in the form of mysterious fuzzy mud that… Continue Reading Review: Fuzzy Mud

Review: Dumplin’

Willowdean Dickson – a.k.a. Dumplin’ –  is fat. She knows it and she’s okay with it. At least until she begins a confusing relationship with her co-worker Bo, her best friend Ellen starts having sex, and pageant season comes around again. Feeling lost and alone, especially since her aunt Lucy’s… Continue Reading Review: Dumplin’

Review: Night on Fire

Billie Sims is a thirteen-year-old girl living in Anniston, Alabama when the Civil Rights Movement is gathering support across the country. In her town, things have always been the same. Segregation is a reality she has never really considered. That is until she hears about the Freedom Riders, a group… Continue Reading Review: Night on Fire