Review: Bleaker House

I’ll admit that an ad convinced me to buy Bleaker House. I’ve definitely got a thing for memoirs about people putting themselves through hardship, and this one’s about writing so I had to go for it. Summary Nell Stevens was determined to write a novel. So when the opportunity to travel… Continue Reading Review: Bleaker House

Non-fiction Roundup

I’ve talked about getting into non-fiction before, and I’m happy to say that I am still keeping up with it. I’ve read several over the last couple of months and added a few to my TBR list. I’m enjoying seeing real people’s views on the world and getting a glimpse… Continue Reading Non-fiction Roundup

Review: Find a Way

In Find a Way, Diana Nyad passionately tells the story of how she worked toward her dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida. She first attempted the journey in her twenties, after becoming a world champion long-distance swimmer, but was blown off course, ending the swim. It was three decades before… Continue Reading Review: Find a Way

Review: Home is Burning

When Dan Marshall’s father is diagnosed with ALS, Dan reluctantly returns home to help his family out. As his mother undergoes chemotherapy and his father’s health steadily declines, Dan and his siblings’ lives become increasingly complicated. Through illness, breakups, unexpected weddings, possible drinking problems, and more, the Marshalls struggle to extend… Continue Reading Review: Home is Burning

Review: Girl in the Woods

Girl in the Woods is Aspen Matis’ memoir about dropping out of college after being raped to hike the Pacific Crest Trail all the way from Mexico to Canada on her own. Suffering from the trauma of the rape, her college’s poor handling of the situation, and her family discouraging… Continue Reading Review: Girl in the Woods