Review: The Young World

In The Young World, a mysterious sickness has wiped out the adults and small children. The teenage survivors of New York City have assembled into tribes in order to get by.  When his brother turns eighteen and dies of the Sickness, Jefferson reluctantly becomes the leader of the Washington Park tribe.… Continue Reading Review: The Young World

Review: The Nest

The Nest tells the story of older brother Steve, who struggles to cope with anxiety and his family’s concerns over his baby brother, who is sick with a congenital illness. After being stung by a white wasp, he gains the ability to speak with the queen of the hive built on… Continue Reading Review: The Nest

Review: Home is Burning

When Dan Marshall’s father is diagnosed with ALS, Dan reluctantly returns home to help his family out. As his mother undergoes chemotherapy and his father’s health steadily declines, Dan and his siblings’ lives become increasingly complicated. Through illness, breakups, unexpected weddings, possible drinking problems, and more, the Marshalls struggle to extend… Continue Reading Review: Home is Burning