Review: The Wolves of Winter

I read The Wolves of Winter for Bookmarked earlier this year. An original version of this review appears on that site. Summary As nuclear war and the deadly Asian flu pandemic tore the world apart, Lynn McBride and her family fled civilization for the Canadian Yukon. After years of enduring… Continue Reading Review: The Wolves of Winter

Review: Never Ever

Wylie meets Phinn at a rooftop party the night before her brother is supposed to go to jail. He takes her flying and Wylie and her brothers end up on an island where no one ages past seventeen. As Wylie’s attraction to Phinn grows, she begins to realize the island… Continue Reading Review: Never Ever

Review: Dove Arising

Phaet lives in a lunar colony with her mother and siblings. She speaks seldomly, preferring to let her best friend be her voice. But when her mother is arrested, everything changes. To keep her sister and brother from Shelter, an area of the colony where the poor live in degrading… Continue Reading Review: Dove Arising

Review: Everland

Everland presents a dark twist on J.M. Barrie’s tale of lost boys, pirates, and fairies. London is in ruins as a result of German invasion and a deadly disease has left only children alive. The teenage Gwen Darling struggles to keep her younger siblings Joanna and Mikey alive. When Joanna is… Continue Reading Review: Everland

Review: The Young World

In The Young World, a mysterious sickness has wiped out the adults and small children. The teenage survivors of New York City have assembled into tribes in order to get by.  When his brother turns eighteen and dies of the Sickness, Jefferson reluctantly becomes the leader of the Washington Park tribe.… Continue Reading Review: The Young World