Review: Scarborough

I actually read Scarborough because I ran out of books on my vacation and my mother had picked up a copy after hearing about it on the radio. I borrowed it not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Summary East of Toronto lies Scarborough, a low-income, culturally diverse… Continue Reading Review: Scarborough

Review: Bone and Bread

I heard Saleema Nawaz read a portion of Bone and Bread at The Festival of Literary Diversity. I almost bought the book there because Nawaz was such a good reader. Silly me though, I’d already bought it on Kobo! Summary Beena is grappling with the sudden and strange death of her… Continue Reading Review: Bone and Bread

Review: Bad Feminist

I’ve had Bad Feminist on my TBR list since my aunt lent me her copy a year or so ago. It’s probably a sad thing that I only recently got around to it, but better late than never, right? Summary In Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay takes readers on a journey through her experiences… Continue Reading Review: Bad Feminist

Non-fiction Roundup

I’ve talked about getting into non-fiction before, and I’m happy to say that I am still keeping up with it. I’ve read several over the last couple of months and added a few to my TBR list. I’m enjoying seeing real people’s views on the world and getting a glimpse… Continue Reading Non-fiction Roundup