Review: The Boat People

I received a copy of The Boat People for volunteering at the Giller Light Bash in November. With the topics of immigration and refugees in the news a lot, I figured it would be an ambitious novel and I wasn’t disappointed. Summary Told from multiple perspectives, The Boat People is the story of a… Continue Reading Review: The Boat People

Non-fiction Roundup

I’ve talked about getting into non-fiction before, and I’m happy to say that I am still keeping up with it. I’ve read several over the last couple of months and added a few to my TBR list. I’m enjoying seeing real people’s views on the world and getting a glimpse… Continue Reading Non-fiction Roundup

May so far

It’s been another busy month for me, especially on the literary front, so I thought I’d give another little update. I’ve been reading a lot (partially due to the first item on this round up and partially due to receiving/purchasing new books), but I’ve also been participating in some other… Continue Reading May so far

Rereading: Child 44

I first read Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith in first year university for a utopian fiction class. While there is a lot in the book about communism and Russia, I feel like we read it more because it’s a good, exciting book, than to analyze the utopian/dystopian aspects of the… Continue Reading Rereading: Child 44