About Me

When asked to describe myself and what I do, my favourite response is I'm a wanna-be everything and an actual writer and editor.

I've sought creative outlets all my life, turning to stories and artwork to entertain, explain, learn, and grow.

A love of language and writing led me to Ottawa, where I earned my Honours Bachelor of Arts in English, and then to New York University's Summer Publishing Institute and Ryerson University's publishing program. Highlights of my education include participating in multiple creative writing workshops, editing Ottawa Arts Review, pitching magazine and book imprint ideas to top New York publishing professionals, and being nominated for the Rosemary Shipton Award for Editorial Excellence in Book Editing.

After working as a web content writer/photographer for a food television production company, I decided to pursue editing full-time and eventually founded Shelf Potential, which offers editing and creative services to indie authors and publishers. I also edit reviews for Arc Poetry Magazine and serve on the Editors Ottawa executive.

Aside from editing, I usually have multiple creative projects on the go. I enjoy writing, painting, and illustration and will experiment with whatever media I can get my hands on.


I offer manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, and copy editing through Shelf Potential.


I've written in nearly every job I've held and trained in academic, web, and creative writing. And while press releases and government communications have their charms, most of my writing these days involves books and literature.


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Emily Stewart