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A business mentor I once had said that it was important to celebrate our accomplishments. I’ve already written about what I’ve done for my business in 2018, but I wanted to take a minute to focus on writing in particular.

Like many other writers, I suffer from imposter syndrome and often criticize myself for not writing enough. So I gathered all the reviews, articles, and blog posts I wrote this year—and it turns out I wrote a lot more than I thought I did.

So to celebrate my writing accomplishments, and for those of you who are interested in book and publishing stuff, here’s everything I wrote this year.


A Vessel for Shared Experiences: Baziju’s Box Kite

Power to the Period: Rosanna, Ariel Gordon, and Tanis MacDonald’s GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for Our Times


Book Beat: New Year, New You, New Books

Escape from Nuclear War in the Canadian Yukon: The Wolves of Winter

Experience Hope and Heartbreak in The Dangerous Art of Blending In

What Ursula K. Le Guin Has Given Me

(Black) Hair Love and Canada Reads 2018

Book Beat: #MeToo in KidLit and B&N Layoffs

Book Beat: Love, Simon Kits Theatres, Queer Bunnies, and CanLit Poetry Longlists

Book Beat: Misandry in Publishing and 2018 U.S. National Library Week

Book Beat: Price Gaps, Jane Austen’s Legal Influence, and Crazy Rich Asians

Book Beat: KidLit Says No Kids in Cages, Contributor Bias, and Scholastic’s Trump Book Apology

Book Beat: Indigenous Authors for Education and an Affirming Twitter Collaboration

Book Beat: Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, the Alternative Nobel Prize, and Police Challenging THUG

Book Beat: TPL’s Public Book, William Blake, and YA Dick Soap

Book Beat: 2018 Hugo Awards, Keanu Reeves’ Small Press, and #ShareYourRejections

Book Beat: Giller Prize Longlist, Ripped Bodice, and French Bookstores vs Amazon

“Book Beat: Avatar YA Series, Book the Vote, and the Alt Nobel Shortlist”

“Book Beat: Forest of Reading Nominees, Frankfurt Book Fair Recap, and ‘There’s a Poem For That'”

“Book Beat: Publisher Merger, Passing of Little Free Libraries Creator, and An Incident at Vancouver Writers Fest”

“Book Beat: Rick Riordan’s Emails, William Goldman’s Death, and a Criminal Reception to Grindelwald” 

“Book Beat: Fundraisers, Green’s Slang Dictionary, and the World Fantasy Awards”

“Book Beat: Adeyemi’s Title Trouble, Pushcart Plagiarism, and MWA Honour Withdrawal”

Common Deer Press

“Introducing: Around the Web”

“Around the Web: Bedside Books, Women Writers, and Library Week in America”

“Around the Web: The Awesome Debate, Poetry, Books, and Reading” 

“Around the Web: Women Writers and Independent Bookstore Day”

“Around the Web: Libraries, Retreats, and a Festival”

“Around the Web: Bookstores, Puns, Moms, and Romance”

“Around the Web: Journaling, Dating, and New Anne Frank Pages”

“Around the Web: Awards, Travel, Philip Roth, and a Game”

“Around the Web: BookExpo, Middle Earth, American Novelists, and Illustrated Books”

“Around the Web: BookExpo, Reading Tips, Little Women, and Literary Relics”

“Around the Web: Anne of Green Gables, Post-Apocalypse Plots, LIterary Mysteries, and a Reading Challenge”

“Around the Web: Gender Equality in Lit Crit, Children’s Lit on Immigration, Mad Scientists, and Audiobook Engagement”

“Around the Web: Bookshops and Crime”

“Around the Web: New Awards, a Writing Resource, Book Buying Influences, and Literary Recipes”

“Around the Web: Archaeology, Writing Tips, Audiobooks, and a Defence of Dullness”

“Around the Web: Women in Rare Books, Literary Fiction, and More”

“Around the Web: Cocktails, the Hero’s Journey, and Libraries”

“Around the Web: Diversity, Libraries, Bookmarks, Rereading, and Hemingway”

“Around the Web: Writing Habits, Book Clubs, and Books” 

“Around the Web: Writing Experiences, Library Animals, and Hashtags”

“Around the Web: The Hugo Awards, Forgotten Books, Advice from Ray Bradbury, and Twitter Threads and Hashtags”

“Around the Web: Book Thieves, Skim Reading, Postmodern Lit, Review Bingo, and Bedtime Stories”

“Around the Web: Back to School, Language, and Linguistics”

“Around the Web: Writing Advice, Tweets, Sci-Fi, and a Bookshop Winner”

“Around the Web: The Future Library, the Giller Longlist, and Adaptation, and Author Pets”

“Around the Web: Borrowing Books, Shakespeare, and How Bookstores Are Adapting”

“Around the Web: Writing Resources, African Sci-Fi, Posthumous Publishing, and NaNoWriMo Prep”

“Around the Web: A New Language Trend, Copyright Laws, Reading Books About Girls, and Who’s to Blame for Long Books”

“Around the Web: Forest of Reading, #MeToo, Ambient Lit, Authors on Social, and Poetry”

“Around the Web: Writing Inspiration, Fictional Crime, Trans Lit Canon Recommendations, and Lit Witches”

“Around the Web: Re-imagining Frankenstein, Earthsea, and The Illiad, plus YA Podcasts, and Moving a Bookstore”

“Around the Web: Reading Apps, Writing Quotes, a Whale Tale, Video Games, and To Kill a Mockingbird

“Around the Web: Fairy Tales, Stan Lee, Giller Nominees, Word of the Year, and Short Story Advent Calendars”

“Around the Web: Language, Barbershop Books, Fiction and Lies, Movies, and a Poetry Quiz”

“Around the Web: Language, Paper, and Bookstores”

“Around the Web: Killer Women, Writer Income, a Grammar Jedi, and a Quiz”

“Around the Web: Adaptations, Crime Reporting, Lit Hoaxes, and More”

“Around the Web: Sylvia Plath’s Letters, Shakespeare’s Food, Jane Austen and Christmas, and TV Shows”

“Around the Web: Top Stories and Words of 2018, Famous Author Drafts, and Novel Writing Advice”

“Forming Creative Habits: The 100 Day Project”

“Six Things You Should Know About Lackbeard

Between Human and Truth (My Book Blog)

“Review: The Boat People

“Mini-Reviews: What I’ve Been Reading”

“Review: The Break

“Review: 100 Demon Dialogues

“Review: Dread Nation by Justina Ireland”

“Review: No Time to Spare by Ursula K. Le Guin”

“Review: Milk and Honey”

“Review: The Marrow Thieves”

“Review: Three Sides of a Heart”

“Review: The Beauty That Remains”

“Review: Spinning Silver”

“Review: The Binti Series”

“Review: Sadie”

“Review: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein”

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Writing Abroad by Peter Chilson and Joanne B. Mulcahy


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