Review: The Wolves of Winter

I read The Wolves of Winter for Bookmarked earlier this year. An original version of this review appears on that site. Summary As nuclear war and the deadly Asian flu pandemic tore the world apart, Lynn McBride and her family fled civilization for the Canadian Yukon. After years of enduring… Continue Reading Review: The Wolves of Winter

Productivity Tools

Overhead view of a hands holding a notebook and typing on a laptop

We’re deep into November (and NaNoWriMo) and the holiday season is pretty much upon us, which means it’s a pretty busy time of year. And because there are so many distractions at this time of year (and really all time, if we’re being honest), I thought I’d share some of… Continue Reading Productivity Tools

Review: Sadie

After seeing Lost at Midnight’s post on Sadie, I added the book to my TBR list. It seemed relevant to current discussions about violence, and book club picked it for September, so it didn’t stay on my TBR list for long. I downloaded the audiobook and listened to it over the… Continue Reading Review: Sadie