Why You Should Hire an Editor

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Even the best writers need editors. Heck, even editors need editors sometimes. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire an editor:

1. Editors clarify your meaning.

When you know your subject really well, it’s easy to assume readers will follow your thought processes. But there’s often a gap between what we think we’re saying, and what actually ends up on the page or screen. Editors are trained to find and eliminate those gaps.

2. Editors make you look professional.

We’ve all seen it happen: someone makes an impassioned argument on social media, and the first reply ignores the comment completely in favour of something like, “YOU’RE means YOU ARE, not YOUR!”

While we can hope that most of the time people will understand and appreciate your writing regardless of typos, there’s no arguing that, at best, writing errors make you look bad. At worst, they can alienate your readers, cause confusion, or even result in legal trouble. An editor keeps your writing professional and error-free.

3. Editors save you time & money.

Editors are trained to comb through text for errors and issues of all sizes and they’re used to doing so on deadlines. So, why go through your work yet again when you could hand it off to an expert? With an editor on the job, you’re free to pursue other things (more writing perhaps?). And even if time doesn’t necessarily equal money for you, there’sĀ another budget-conscious reason for hiring an editor: an editor can save you from costly reprints by ensuring everything is correct the first time.

4. It’s easy!

There are lots of editors that would be thrilled to work with you! All you have to do is get your writing ready and find an editor that suits your needs. You can start your search by checking out my editing services or checking the Editors Canada Online Directory.

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