Review: Dove Arising

Phaet lives in a lunar colony with her mother and siblings. She speaks seldomly, preferring to let her best friend be her voice. But when her mother is arrested, everything changes. To keep her sister and brother from Shelter, an area of the colony where the poor live in degrading… Continue Reading Review: Dove Arising

May so far

It’s been another busy month for me, especially on the literary front, so I thought I’d give another little update. I’ve been reading a lot (partially due to the first item on this round up and partially due to receiving/purchasing new books), but I’ve also been participating in some other… Continue Reading May so far

Review: The Crown’s Game

Vika Andreyev and Nikolai Karimov have trained all their lives to become the Tsar’s enchanter. But to achieve this destiny, they must participate in the Crown’s Game, an ancient duel of magical skill of which there can be only one winner. The one who proves themselves the more skilled becomes… Continue Reading Review: The Crown’s Game

Review: Everland

Everland presents a dark twist on J.M. Barrie’s┬átale of lost boys, pirates, and fairies. London is in ruins as a result of German invasion and a deadly disease has left only children alive. The teenage Gwen Darling struggles to keep her younger siblings Joanna and Mikey alive. When Joanna is… Continue Reading Review: Everland